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Waste Water Treatment Process in Palm Oil Industry

Waste water treatment process in palm oil industry usually use conventional biological treatment. Generally, we can separate to two type of treatment system in palm oil industry: 
  1. biological treatment with land application,
  2. biological treatment without land application.
In biological treatment with land application, the waste water or famous as palm oil mill effluent (POME) was treated until anaerobic digestion after that spread to the plantation as an irrigation water and liquid fertilizer. Now, biological treatment with land application is a common waste water treatment system in palm oil industry. The biological treatment without land application system is the old waste water treatment system in palm oil industry. In this system the target of waste water treatment process is to reach the effluent standard. After anaerobic digestion, the POME was treated in facultative pond, aerobic pond, and some time use sand bad filter. This system needs a lot of energy for aeration and using this system we loss a lot of organic materials.

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